About the Tracks

If you want to lead an active lifestyle then there are many options for you, from the Hornsby Mountain Bike Trail that draws cyclists from all around the state, to road-side tracks, BMX facilities and skate parks.


Other Cycling Routes

Not all two-wheeled activity has to involve jumps, rollers and berms. You can have a great time on a bike without even knowing what half

Cherrybrook Skate Park

Whether you want to challenge yourself with new tricks, meet other skateboarders in the community or just have fun with some mates

BMX Tracks

If you prefer stunts and tricks to bush-bashing, you ought to check out Hornsby Shire’s two BMX tracks.

Mountain Bike Trail

If you’re an active kind of person, your visit to Hornsby Shire won’t be complete until you visit the new Mountain Bike Trail